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Intro Rates for Purchases
APR (Purchase)
Cashback Details

ASDA Money

Credit Card MasterCard

27.9% Standard 1.00% on spend over £1 per month.


Select Credit Card Visa

0.0% for 15 months
27.9% Introductory 2.00% for 3 months. Standard 0.50%.

Leeds BS

Platinum Credit Card Visa

0.0% for 3 months
27.9% Standard 0.50% on spend between £10 - £15,000 per year.

Bank of Ireland UK

Moneyback MasterCard

0.0% for 3 months 17.9% 24.942% Standard 0.50% on spend up to £15,000 per year.

Bank of Ireland UK

Moneyback Gold MasterCard

0.0% for 3 months 17.9% 24.942% Standard 0.50% on spend up to £15,000 per year.

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