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Can't get a credit card?

When you apply for a financial product your creditworthiness is usually checked. This is called credit scoring

The card issuer will use one of the two major credit reference agencies, Experian and Equifax.

One in four applications are turned down either because of a genuine bad credit history or a combination of mistakes or false assumptions by the card isssuer.

To read more click on either of the following that may apply to you.

I've got a bad credit history

I don't understand why I've been turned down.

Reasons for being turned down

Possible categories

You're not worthy

How are you credit rated?

How to check your credit rating

How to appeal

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Possible categories

You may fit into one of the following categories:

  • You've been mislabeled as having a poor or bad credit history. (See How to appeal)
  • You've had a distant past history of bad credit - but may feel you can show you are a reformed character. (See How to appeal)
  • You have a recent history of bad credit. See I've got a bad credit history
  • You have an unconventional source of income, and normal credit scoring techniques make you look like a bad bet. They want to see jobs and regular income and can't cope with anything too exotic. Try to reason with the card providers directly. (Good luck!)

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You're not worthy

The card issuer may feel you're not worth their effort.

Maybe you don't spend enough on any existing credit cards.

Perhaps your turnover of cards looks too high? ie they won't make any money out of you before you move onto one of their competitors...

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How you're credit rated?

Here's an enlightening article in the Guardian about how you are assessed / credit scored.

Secret tips that let you beat the credit guard

If you've got a good job and no debts but have been turned down for a loan with no reason given then you need to read this. Patrick Collinson pulls away the veil over how banks assess you

Patrick Collinson, the Guardian Click here to read more

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How to check your credit rating

For £2 you can get details of the credit files held on you by the two credit reference agencies, Experian and Equifax

If the information on your file is wrong, or you would like to add a note of explanation, Experian and Equifax will add an agreed statement to your file. Contact them at:

Experian, Talbot Street Nottingham NG80 1TH United Kingdom

Equifax, Department, PO Box 1140, Bradford BD1 5US United Kingdom

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How to appeal

The card issuer is supposed to give you the main reason for refusing your application. They should also tell you which agency the lender used, Experian or Equifax.

You can then get a copy of your file from the agency. When you've got this you can then appeal to the card issuer to reconsider.

Ideally you can see what the problem was. It may be that you've changed your name recently so don't appear to have a credit record. (See categories). Whatever, if you feel there has been a mistake put your case clearly and unemotionally.

Remember that the card issuers are businesses, not public services, and don't owe you anything, so be cool and courteous.

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